D O E – 7 – Commentary

“Don’t hesitate,”
I have retained
nothing else.
Oh, it feels good.
I can’t really
reestablish my equilibrium.
The feeling startles me but not in a bad way.
I’m cerebral. Occasionally to a fault. I can say for certain that it’s been a help as well as a hindrance. Particularly in areas that don’t entirely depend on intellectual processing.

Like some of my theatrical ventures. And some of my past relationships. D O E – 7 – Commentary (cont.)

D O E – 6 – Commentary

“What’s so funny?”
I don’t want you
wondering for
the idea.
I can’t see any
-I said the word.
What in heaven’s name does that mean?
I doubt
I have
to be
I’ll be honest. I’m wrestling with the “source material” for this project. And, sure, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. D O E – 6 – Commentary (cont.)

D O E – 5 – Commentary

I am so confused.
It’s not
what concerns me most, because
I don’t want to lose
my dream…
Did you miss me?

I was in the Rocky Mountains last Thursday and… well, I don’t really have an excuse for not posting a poem last Tuesday other than being distracted by preparations for being the in the mountains. Mountains! D O E – 5 – Commentary (cont.)

D O E – 4 – Commentary

“I don’t think
about the
past. I couldn’t change
“I’ve never discussed this with anyone.”
I want you
to know
What do
I have to do?
I glance down
trying to understand
the distance between us.
I whisper.
Last weekend I was asked, “How’s the blackout poetry going?” and it was a kinda surreal experience. Mostly because my answer was pretty honest and more than a little defensive. I mean…

1. I’m doing a thing. And that part of it feels good. And the idea of it being something I do regularly feels good. D O E – 4 – Commentary (cont.)

D O E – 3 – Commentary

“A man can dream,
give me a min-
I’ll have to face
my thoughts and
I’m no longer
fine. I feel like
I’m just not sure.
“You don’t know until you know.”
– people who’ve gone from
not knowing to knowing

No matter what I’m doing or not doing right now, it feels like a period of flux and evolution. I mean, I basically haven’t had a project like this one since I was making WalkLeft, the Podcast on a regular basis. I’m in Washington, DC as I type this – I know, I know, I may be patting myself on the back for commitment prematurely, but I’m pleased with the longevity of my enthusiasm for this pursuit – and it feels good to be creating something even if it never really finds an audience. D O E – 3 – Commentary (cont.)