D O E – 6 – Commentary

“What’s so funny?”
I don’t want you
wondering for
the idea.
I can’t see any
-I said the word.
What in heaven’s name does that mean?
I doubt
I have
to be
I’ll be honest. I’m wrestling with the “source material” for this project. And, sure, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

I guess I’m a little worried the words and phrases that jump out at me are going to seem stale and self-important without actually tickling any brains along the way. Maybe I just need to explore bundling words and thought shapes without looking for actual sentences as I blackout.

It all makes sense when my nostrils are full of marker fumes.

I both love and hate “wondering for the idea” – it evokes wandering and wonder… but it also feels a little bit clunky – which I guess is okay considering that the voice in this poem (are they always supposed to be me? does that matter?) doesn’t want you doing it.

And then there’s the vulnerability thing, though I suppose that technically only (maybe) comes up in these commentary posts. Do my oversharish bits feel like clichés? Will I ever have answers to any of these questions? Heh.

How is it already mid-October?

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