D O E – 2 – Commentary

“Don’t you have
your work?”
I’m confounded
with some
and I have
to know how
to construct and deconstruct
your heart
Though there are people who’d say I don’t
know me well.
I’m not gonna lie to you. This might be as good as it gets. This project may be downhill from here. Not a “one and done” so much as a “two and I’m through”. And I’m not entirely sure if I’m saying that because I really like this one and am scared of all of the un-blacked-out pages left in my ill-fated tome (I mean, that’s probably at least a little bit true – definitely the first half) or if I actually found the best page in the book for this particular creato-destructive technique very early in my process. D O E – 2 – Commentary (cont.)

D O E – 1 – Commentary

I hope
I think
I stutter.
I blink
I shall be
temporarily preoccupied
I have
vaguely disappointed.
Coming “straight out the gate” with some self-deprecation!
Wanna see me hedge my bets? I’ll give a demonstration:
The first person pronoun even looks like a crutch
(if I start really simple, you won’t expect quite as much).
I’ll admit that it’s strange reaching out with introspection
(I’ll fall back on myself if these words only find rejection).
I even structured it so it would rhyme (oh, that old trick).
And if you hated it, at least it ended pretty quick.

There. That’s out of my system. For today. D O E – 1 – Commentary (cont.)