Regarding the Punching of Nazis

This morning I woke up, opened Twitter on my phone, and landed promptly upon a pretty delightful thread of tweets by @Zestlord, in which they shared a quick, clear, and entertaining history of Marvel’s Nick Fury. My enjoyment of the thread combined with my deep and abiding love for both hashtags and alliteration would not let me retweet the thread without enjoying the fortuitousness of seeing it to start my Friday. So, #FuriousFriday it is.

Now, I do, when prompted, make a point of saying I’m apolitical, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have strong opinions about events set in motion by politicians. And the appropriateness of fury that may arise as a result of those events. So, there were only a couple of short jumps of the hashtag train of thought before it firmly landed on the track of the whole series of conversations being had online covering the spectrum of “Nazis: To Punch or Not To Punch.”

Any reasonable person who falls on either side of that difference of opinion has their pick of professionally written opinion pieces to which they can post a link, but I find myself really curious about the opinions of my friends on that question. What’s the best way to ask and get a thoughtful answer? What if I strongly disagree with the answer or the reasoning behind it? So, yeah… those thoughts led to me returning here to my site and writing on it. That’s a way to kick off a Family Day long weekend, huh?

And, yes, I realize this topic has already had its news cycle, but that doesn’t make me any less curious.

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