Ain’t no time for regret…

A lot of things haven’t been going as planned, lately. Which, y’know, is life. And while it’s not necessarily good to look at every audition for which you’re not called back as a bullet dodged, my incurable optimism usually leads me to look for the universe to open a window somewhere when a door gets closed.

Sometimes changes come in waves, though, crashing against the side of your vessel and seeming like they’re never going to let up. I feel blessed by all of the personal floatation devices in my life – they’ve made the prospect of getting tossed overboard seem less hopeless. And I’m grateful for the brain chemicals that always, eventually, push me out of bed in the morning.

When the waters calm and the sky clears, I get my bearings (as best I can) and set a course. Even if the destination hasn’t changed, it’s still setting a new course. And eventually the muscles that were tensed, bracing for impact, relax. One enjoys the smooth sailing while one can, ’cause you can’t live worrying about storm clouds that haven’t formed yet. You can only control what you can control. And sometimes it’s best to let yourself forget the rest.

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