25 Random Facts… 9 Years Later

So, with the occasional exception, I enjoy Facebook telling me what happened On this Day and the invitation to re-visit posts of the past. Lately, I was seeing references to a Facebook note “challenge” of sorts that was making the rounds NINE YEARS AGO. *Marty crawls into a hole and dies* “25 Random Facts” did what it said on the tin and you were supposed to tag 25 people in it and keep the ball rolling. Today is the anniversary of when I posted mine. Here’s what I shared then and my thoughts on that sharing now.

Join me as I judge my past self, won’t you?

XXV - Wide Right
6 February 2009 at 14:20

1. My renaming of this phenomenon is a segue into my first point. I'm a BIG Buffalo Bills fan. I am numb to Maple Leafs pain, but I feel Bills pain acutely.

Well, I got off to a strong start, at least. I still appreciate the reference to the 25th Super Bowl (which I didn’t watch because I wasn’t a football fan at the time) and in the years since posting these facts, I’ve grown numb to Bills failures. Or, at least, I don’t get my hopes as high anymore.

2. I take walking very seriously. I walk strategically like a running back looking for holes and, occasionally, use other pedestrians as blockers. I believe pedestrians should be subject to the same traffic laws as cars. There should be walkways where pedestrians without walking licences should not be allowed in peak hours.

Keeping those football analogies going, huh? I mean… I guess I respect the framework, but I don’t think I’d double down as hard today. I stand by the content, though. And my vehemence of dying on that hill varies wildly based on circumstances.

3. I believe that a small, triple-triple no longer merits the title 'coffee'.

Still true.

4. I want to learn 'Bogurodzica' so that I can sing it at dawn on the Grunwald battlefield on July 15th, 2010.

Now, here’s an interesting one. July 15th, 2010 was the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald. I thought it would be a cool day around which to set the goal of having a proper multi-week trip to and around Poland. I still want to go to Poland and see sites related to the battles between Poles and the Teutonic Knights, but not actually making these plans worked out. It probably would’ve messed with my head to have gone to Poland that soon after my mom’s death (which happened on June 13th of that year).

5. I used to collect keychains, buttons(pins), and air sickness bags.

This was a “used to”, so it’s still accurate.

6. I'm a 'leg man'. I think I always have been, even before puberty. "I just knew."

Down, boy!

7. I went through a phase where I was very enthusiastic about CB and Ham radio.

Definitely fulfilling the “random” requirement with these facts.

8. The sound of flip-flop/thong sandals is like Chinese water torture to me. The sound of high-heels, quite the opposite.

I enjoy that the radio comment was in there to make sure this all stayed PG.

9. I didn't wear jeans with any regularity until the end of high school(if not later). I wear them almost every day now.

…and I still would if I wasn’t currently livin’ la vida Bay St.

10. I'm overdue for a walk down Yonge from Finch to Front. I used to do that with greater frequency.

Pretty sure I haven’t taken this particular long walk in these nine years. Lots of other long walks, but not this one. At least not in its entirety. So much has changed along that route. Now I’ll sound like my dad, pointing to plots of land and saying what such-and-such building used to be.

11. I was nicknamed 'Nancy' in elementary school, but for no ostensibly derisive reason. I couldn't say that I'd met someone actually named Nancy until earlier this year.

Apparently, I met a Nancy in 2009. I don’t remember that.

12. I hate the word 'confusion'. Especially when it's misused.

This was definitely an issue in my job at the time. People would make technical errors on forms that were submitted to me, I would call them on the errors, and then they’d apologize for “the confusion.” I wasn’t confused. And they were ignorant, lazy, or something in that vein. Not technically confusion. I’d probably still feel strongly about it if that word was used as liberally around me now as it was then.

13. My lucky number is 13. I also gravitate to multiples of 13.

Still random. Still true.

14. My favourite Hallowe'en costume that I wore as a child was Zorro. I had a sword with a 'ruby' in the pommel. I think this was well after the days that I marked up walls with pencilled Z's.

Such a good costume. I really need to dig up a photo.

15. My brother and I made both 'radio' and 'television' variety programs together in our youth. Neatest special effect: A quarter spinning on a marble tabletop sounded like a wicked drum roll.

Podcasting, streaming… if these things are in my future, know that they were part of a natural progression.

16. I really miss playing handball with a tennis ball against a brick wall.

Probably the most sports-like thing I’ve ever done moderately well and really enjoyed doing.

17. I like comparing certain 'dishes' that vary from restaurant to restaurant. These include: Huevos Rancheros, Bangers & Mash, Cabbage Rolls, Chocolate Cheesecake, and Rice Pudding.

It’s definitely been too long since I’ve tried a new, good Huevos.

18. I came to a spiritual understanding in the framework of Catholicism. I know how to argue for and against its tenets. I haven't gone to church or confession regularly in years, but miss the flash paper used at the Easter Vigil the most.


19. Back when tequila was affordable, it was not unusual for me to drink the 'silver' variety warm, straight from the bottle, at social gatherings.

Yes, I’ve always talked about myself like an old man.

20. I don't know when it started, but the seamlessness of my adding the looking at the left ring finger of women when checking them out simultaneously surprises, impresses, and frightens me.

Past Marty! You’re creeping me out right now. I love you, but you’re displaying some “Problematic Fave” aspects here. I’m so glad you’ve gotten better.

21. Jobs/vocations, other than acting, I've considered - some in childhood, some in seriousness: Criminologist/Detective/P.I., Priest, Radio Personality

Fun fact that’s more fun now that I post and think non-stop about D&D: I took one of those personality-evaluation-indicating-what-career-you-should-go-into surveys when I was in grade 6 or 7 and after Radio/TV Personality and Actor it said Clerical… and I thought that suggested I should be a Cleric or Priest and a part of my brain remembers it every time I think about the Cleric class.

22. Cats, even anti-social ones, tend to like me.

And now there’s a special cat in my life. How could I have known the love I had to give?!

23. I'm looking forward to doing my taxes.

Yeah! Especially with multiple employers and EI for the 2017 fiscal year.

24. I miss blogging. I'm currently trying to accumulate all my past blogging efforts in one place... of course, I've been procrastinating that effort for the last two blogless years.

I’ve definitely got better at actually posting things now that I have a website of my very own. Whee!

25. I'm tagging everyone who tagged me thus far... and am happy to tag anyone who wants a legitimate invitation to this circle of trivia-sharing. Also, I'll probably edit this list if something comes to mind that trumps one of the tidbits I've mentioned.

And this is the part where I absolved my self of spamming 25 friends with this ridiculous thing. Fin!

Speaking of ridiculous, thanks for coming along on this wacky journey… Do you still have your 25 random facts post kicking around on Facebook or have you destroyed the evidence of your nefarious past?

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