After my 6th session as a DM…

I’ve DM’d a D&D game six times, now. The most recent session marked the beginning of a new story arc and I came out of the gate strewing even more world-building loose ends. Or billiard balls (as I’ve started thinking of them after reading the beginning of this article by Sly Flourish). Playing in a campaign setting that is constantly writing itself in my imagination is delightful. It’s only frustrating when I have all of the answers for the questions my players aren’t asking and none for the ones they are. But I’m blessed with a patient bunch who are humouring me. It’s nice to feel trusted like that. And I think they know they’ll eventually be rewarded for it.

Since we started playing, I’d hoped to add a fourth player to the group. For some reason that number just sounds perfect to me. Maybe I subconsciously want more dramatic stalemates in player debates instead of the tie-breaking triumvirate vibe. In any event, it looks like that might happen in our next session… adding a new player out of the blue… why would I make my job as a DM any easier, right? I’m happiest flying Air Pants-Seat.

And, as was the case with the first session of the first arc, this one involved combat – something else of which I’m still trying to get the hang. There are just so many more moving parts… okay, I guess I only have myself to blame for introducing seven cutlass-swinging seafarers, but still. I’m looking into tools to streamline all of that – the crunchiest moments of the campaign.

…oh, and if you came here from Facebook to read this, friend, thanks!

(I yoinked the cool image featured on this post from here, where the artist shared some very cool process notes.)

2 thoughts on “After my 6th session as a DM…”

    1. I imagine Arnoa’s going to have words for her brother about charging into enclosed areas when surrounded by sailors, huh?

      Your characters are probably safe… for now. 😉

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